Streamers, also known as flags, are an effective way of warning or instructing people of hidden equipment or dangers. The most common streamer used in the aerospace industry is the “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT.” We manufacture these as per NAS standards, but also offer this product in a variety of custom widths and lengths.

We can customize this product in many ways, including:

  • A variety of fabrics, colors & sizes
  • Custom printing – warning information, company logo, call signs, etc.
  • Flame retardant assembly
  • Pre-installed keyrings and lanyards of any length for easy attachment
  • Heat shrink tubing to prevent scratching the aircraft
  • Added hook & loop for a roll up option
  • Pre-assembly of a lanyard system for various applications using aircraft cable, ferrules, key rings or tabs and heat shrink tubing in any configuration requested.
  • Variety of safety ball locking pins for many applications which conform to design requirements specified and/or military standard such as MS17985, MS17986 etc.

We will gladly work with you to arrive at a solution for all your needs.

Cargo Restraints

Also known as baggage or cargo nets, there are many available combinations of materials and hardware to fit the application required.


Technical support is available to assist you in developing a product that suits your mission requirements.

  • A wide variety of source-approved hardware from industry recognized vendors in stock.
  • Materials & combinations to meet a vast array of configurations and strengths.
  • Made from aviation grade flame-retardant webbing.
  • Made to measure (Build-2-Print) using established methods & operations.

Emergency Escape Line

High strength materials able to withstand 2000 lbs or more.


Available in the form of rope or webbing, these lines are used during emergencies to assist in the safe evacuation of passengers.

  • Many hardware configurations to meet any safety requirement
  • Stowage options available
  • Made to measure with splicing, knots, etc. (Build-2-Print)

Contact us for more information regarding the possibility of adapting an existing cover or developing a new cover for the needs of your aircraft / program.