Aircraft Sling & Tie down

Slings & tie downs are used for many applications such as for hoisting engine cowlings. They manufactured & inspected in-house to specification or requirements.

  • A wide variety of source approved hardware from industry leading vendors in stock.
  • Tie down straps can be designed in variety of configurations and strengths.
  • Made from aviation grade flame retardant webbing or cord.

Flight Testing | Ferrying

Smoke Curtains | Fire Barriers

Our experience can provide assistance & solutions to reduce costs & delays during any phase of development. We have help our customers with a variety of flight testing products such as smoke barriers.

  • Variety of flame retardant, heavy duty, military grade materials available such vinyl coated cotton.
  • Made to measure & specifications
  • Technical support & prototyping services

Simplify / expedite the design process by consulting us with your requirements.

Flame Retardant Insulated Blanket

Manufactured to specification using quilted insulation blanket formulated specifically for aerospace use to meet FAR 25.853 flame tests. Used in a variety of applications:

  • Cockpit enclosures for ferrying green aircraft or flight tests.
  • Interior fuselage lining.

Specialized Ground Support Equipment (SGSE)

Production | Maintenance Tooling

Specify your safety & product requirements and with our knowledge and expertise will do our best to accommodate you with a budget friendly solution to meet your needs.

  • Production line damage or injury prevention
  • Foreign Object Debris (FOD) covers & plugs
  • Maintenance support blocks
  • Wire/Cable wraps

Tractor Doors | Tarps & Covers | GSE

Most ground servicing vehicles such as baggage carts come equipped with a rigid metal door with a glass window. These doors often need replacing & can be very costly.

At a fraction of the price of a metal door, our functional alternative are:

  • Easily replaceable
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Made from heavy duty, fire retardant vinyl with a clear window for visibility.

A faulty door latch can be the root of the cause of very costly repairs, re-routing & delays. Simply & effectively eliminate this risk of damage to aircrafts, injuries & grounding using our alternative vinyl solution.

Stowage | Cabin Interiors


Variety of possible solutions for the stowage of items during flight.

  • Oxygen masks
  • Life vest
  • Emergency Location Transmitter (E.L.T.)
  • Halon extinguisher cover

Available in a vast array of FAR 25.853 materials (leather, nylon, vinyl, etc.)

Seat Covers | Interior

When maintenance is required inside the aircraft cabin, our soft flannel lined cotton throw-on covers will help protect the seats from accidental damage. We also provide custom interior solutions tailored to your requirements & individual needs.

Available in single seat or divan sofa configuration & fitted for charter applications or regular use.

Contact us for more information regarding this possibility of adapting an existing cover or developing new cover for the needs of you aircraft / program.