The pitot static system is one of the many important instruments required to operate an aircraft. The external probe serves a method of measuring the pressure differences which assess the speed and altitude of a flying aircraft. These probes have an opening at the tip which is to remain unobstructed to be operational. Therefore, it is highly advisable to protect the probe at all times the aircraft parked or stored.

  • Insects: spiders and wasps have been known to enter the probes, making nests which render the instrument unfit or cause errors during start-up.
  • Sand & debris can accumulate inside the probe during wind storms.

Simply and quickly protect the pitot probe from damages and preventable delays during take-offs with our Pitot Covers.


Kinnear Pitot Cover Characteristics:

  • High resistance to UV rays
  • Extreme temperature resistance
  • Abrasion resistant Kevlar® interior
  • Flame retardant (FAR 25.853)
  • Water repellent & mildew resistant
  • Lightweight form fitted design
  • Rapidly Installed safely from the ground

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