The Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) which generally serves as a generator of electricity for the cabin operation during flight, also plays a vital role in prompt start-up of the powerplant engines. Being located towards the aft of the aircraft, the exhaust when left unprotected can become easily obstructed while the APU is not operating.

  • Bird nests: Birds can take as little as one day to begin making a nest.
  • Storms: If parked outside during a storm, sand, snow, hail or other FOD can accumulate and/or freeze created a solid obstruction deep in the cavity.

Simply and rapidly protect from costly damages and delays with our user-friendly Aircraft APU exhaust plugs.

Kinnear APU Exhaust Plug

Aircraft APU Exhaust Plug Characteristics:

  • High resistance to UV rays
  • Flame retardant (FAR 25.853)
  • Water repellent & mildew resistant
  • Lightweight form fitted design
  • Safely & rapidly installed from the ground
  • Stowage bag included with each plug.

We specialize mainly in Bombardier aircraft; however, many of our products can fit other aircraft with minor adjustments. We are always looking to expand our product line to help assure all aircraft are properly protected.

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