Aircraft Exhaust & Inlet

While the aircraft is parked, insects & birds can find their way into the aircraft via any inlet, vent or exhaust. Eventually they may make a nest resulting in unnecessary & costly damage or delay which could have been easily avoided using a plug or cover.

Some of the common areas needing protection are:

  • Environmental Control System (ECS)
  • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)
  • Vents – Fuel, Tail cone, louvers, grills, etc.
  • Naca scoops

Product Characteristics:

  • Chemical, UV & mildew resistant
  • Flame retardant (FAR 25.853)
  • Water repellant
  • Lightweight

Instrumentation (Avionics)

While the aircraft is parked or undergoing maintenance, there is a potential risk of injury to personnel. We produce padded covers that stand out and help prevent accidents. As well, some instruments have openings or sensors that need protection from accidental activation or insects or birds invasion.

  • Pitot static probes
  • Angle of Attack Vane (AOA)
  • Total Air Temperature probe (TAT)
  • Ice Detector Probe
  • Static Wing Wicks
  • Air driven generators (RAT)
  • VHF, ELT, DME Antennas
  • Fuel Drains & masts

We specialize mainly in Bombardier aircrafts however a lot of products can fit other aircrafts with minor adjustments. We are always looking to expand our products to help assure all aircrafts are proper protected.

We have aircraft instrumentation protection to fit:

  • Rockwell-Collins (UTC) – AOA vanes, Ice detectors, Rotary Air Turbines
  • Rosemount Temperature Sensors – Probes (Pitot / TAT)
  • Sensor Systems Inc – Aircraft Antennas

Aircraft Landing Gear

These covers help protect the tires & braking system against from harmful UV rays & chemicals during maintenance, storage & washing.

  • Fire retardant fabric (FAR 25.853)
  • UV / Mildew / Chemical resistant material
  • Robust design
  • Rapidly installed / removed
  • Versatile
  • self-secured

We also offer a variety of safety ball locking pins:

  • Landing doors
  • Actuator safety sleeves
  • Ground lock manual release
  • Nose Landing Gear Lock
  • Main Landing Gear lock

Aircraft Windshield


SunBlocKR (interior)

Rapidly installed from inside the cockpit to effectively reduce the temperature inside by reflecting away the UV rays. Helps protects the interior avionics from excessive heat during short term parking.

Exterior Windshield Cover

For extended outdoor storage / use, it is highly advisable to use an exterior cover. These covers are made with a durable light weight shell to help prevent ice / snow buildup & damages from sand or hail storms.


We also provide similar solutions to protect the efficiency of winglets.

Contact us for more information regarding this possibility of adapting an existing cover or developing new cover for the needs of you aircraft / program.